Alex's book of recipes

Soon tofu jjigae

Spicy Korean vegetarian soup.


1 tbsp neutral oil

1 tbsp gochugaru

¼ cup chopped cabbage kimchi

4 whole garlic cloves, smashed

3 Thai chili peppers, de-seeded and coarsely chopped

2 cups vegetable stock

2 tsp gochujang

2 tsp dwenjang

225g silken tofu, cubed

125g enoki mushrooms

2 scallions, chopped at an angle

1 egg (room temperature)


In a heavy bottom pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Stir in red pepper flakes, and stir until the oil is red. Add the kimchi, garlic, and hot peppers. Stir to coat in the oil, and cook for 1m.

Add the stock, gochujang, and dwenjang. Bring to a boil, and simmer until the kimchi is tender. Add the tofu and boil for 10-15m.

Just before serving, bring to vigorous boil and add enoki mushrooms and scallions. Crack in the egg, and serve.