Alex's book of recipes


This is a complete list of the recipes available on this site, sorted in alphabetical order. To see a breakdown based on the various categories, along with descriptions accompanying the recipes, go to the list of categories.

recipe category
Arugula salad with chicken and balsamic reduction main
Baked chicken wings main
Balilah side
Balsamic tomato reduction base
Barley risotto with marinated feta main
Basic crêpes bake
Basil pesto base
Black sesame cake dessert
Bolognaise sauce main
Braised red cabbage side
Brocolli namul main
Bulgur (or freekeh) pilaf main
Butter bean purée side
Cavolo nero with walnuts and orange side
Chicken Paprikash main
Chicken stroganoff main
Couscous with toasted almond and sultanas side
Cucumber sangchae side
Cullen skink main
Dukkah side
Fresh ginger and treacle cookies bake
Fresh peas with butter and za'atar main
Garlic and lemon tahini sauce side
Ham stock base
Harissa, aubergine, and chicken stew main
Kısır main
Lancashire pea and ham soup main
Leek and celeriac soup main
Meatballs with parmesan and chopped parsley main
Muhallabieh dessert
Mung bean salad side
Oxtail stew main
Papaya and turmeric smoothie drink
Parsley and barley salad side
Parsley and yoghurt dip side
Refrigerator pickles side
Roasted sweet potatoes with green onions and chili side
Sautéed reindeer with mushrooms main
Slow-roasted lamb shoulder main
Soon tofu jjigae main
Soured cream and sumac sauce side
Spiced lemonade drink
Stir-fried spring greens side
Tahini cookies bake
Turkey and courgette burgers main